DermaZinc® Cream

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Dermalogix Partners, Inc. patented formulation of medicated, maximum strength DermaZinc® Cream over the counter (OTC) is recommended for use on the face and other sensitive areas for patients whose skin is sensitive to alcohol, which acts as a vehicle in DermaZinc® Spray/Drops. DermaZinc® Cream is extremely effective in treating red flaky, itchy, scaly skin associated with mild to moderate cases of eczema, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis. Many patients have reported successful results using DermaZinc® Cream for treating acne and fungal conditions. It is also safe to use on pediatrics that suffer from diaper rash as well as cradle cap. Easy-to-use DermaZinc® Cream features a high emollient base for skin moisturizing and 0.25% zinc pyrithione. DermaZinc® Cream is non-oily, has no lingering odor and is safe to use daily. To achieve maximum results we recommend DermaZinc® Cream to be applied twice daily on affected areas.

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