Dave's Artwork Decorates the Enterprise on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

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“GAD-ABOUT,” is an original reverse glass painting by myself, artist, Dave Archer, painted using the signature art technique, pioneered and invented by myself in the early '70's. A technique that uses millions of volts of arching electricity produced from a handheld wand, or "lightning brush," to produce "gas clouds" for my "reverse glass" space paintings.

The piece is 18" high / 24" wide

Reverse glass paintings are not like stained glass. When the painted side is finished, NO light comes through it. “GAD-ABOUT,” is framed in black metal-section, and ready to hang.

Reverse glass paintings are highly reflective, and are viewed best using track lights of the sort one sees in use in art galleries, but made for homes and offices, etc. Because all of the paints are built up in layers on the "backside" of the glass, it is designed to "bounce light" back in a dramatic way. They look best in darkened rooms with track lights on them, as displayed in THE NEXT GENERATION.

PHOTO #1: "GAD-ABOUT" is from 2005. Many years ago, I “stole from myself,” so to speak, so galleries would not get it. After forty years of galleries I can say that an “artist / gallery relationship,” is at worst, an “unholy alliance.” At best, not much better. Hey, I just wanted to keep some paintings for myself.

PHOTO #2: My work as used on Star Trek - The Next Generation, to decorate the Starship Enterprise. Paramount Studios recently sent me cool photos to document my work, so I put one photo up from the show, to illustrate how my work was used.

PHOTO #3: Signed Certificate of Authenticity on back of painting.

Live Long and Prosper!

Star Trek® Is A Registered Trademark Of Paramount Pictures Corporation

Size: 18" high / 24" wide

Star Trek® Is A Registered Trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation