Dave's Artwork Decorates the Enterprise on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

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“ANOMALY” (2006), is a 32” X 8” original reverse glass painting by artist, Dave Archer.

“ANOMALY” was accomplished using the signature art techniques, Archer pioneered and invented in the early '70's. A technique that uses millions of volts of arcing electricity produced by a Tesla Coil, and delivered to the wet paints with a handheld wand, or "lightning brush," to simulate cosmic gas clouds for his "reverse glass" paintings.

Reverse glass paintings are not like stained glass. When the painted side is finished, no light comes through. Reverse glass paintings are highly reflective, and are best displayed using track lights. Because the paints are built up in layers on the "backside" of the glass, each piece is designed to "bounce light" back in a dramatic way causing a three dimensional effect.

Dave Archer’s work was used on Star Trek - The Next Generation, to decorate the Starship Enterprise.

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