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Our mission is to develop research-based sting-relief preparations for public and professional use.


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New Improved Heat Stable Formula!

Oahu customers can also purchase StingNoMore® products at Breeze's Dive Shop,

Hanauma Bay Gift Shop, ElixRx Pharmacy and  Aarons' Dive Shop in Kailua.

Also Select ABC Stores in Waikiki 

ABC Store #12,  2522 Kalakaua Ave

ABC Store #14,  2456 Kalakaua Ave. 

ABC Store #25 Pacific Beach Hotel, 2490 Kalakaua Ave #103
ABC Store #66 Park Shore Hotel, 2586 Kalakaua Ave

 StingNoMore® Spray 

 StingNoMore® Cream 


1. Use StingNoMore® Spray to clean sting site and inactivate stinging cells then 

2. Use Rapidly Absorbed StingNoMore® Cream for Sting Relief  

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Please note that Sting No More® Cream should be stored at room temperature or refrigerated until use. Unopened products in original condition may be returned within 2 months before or after the expiration date for new product replacement or full refund.

Sting No More® Spray is heat stable.




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