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BLS Heartcode

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HeartCode BLS is for healthcare professionals seeking to complete an initial or renewal/update BLS for Healthcare Providers Course. Course length is 2.5 hours.
This course is the classroom portion of the blended learning Heartcode BLS Instructor-led course that focuses on meaningful skills practice, debriefing, team scenarios, discussions of local protocols and skills testing.

Participants must complete the Heartcode BLS course at onlineaha.org. There is an additional charge for the BLS Heartcode online course that is paid directly to the American Heart at onlineaha.org

Participants must bring their printed online Heartcode course completion certificate with them to class (viewing via portable devices not accepted- it must be printed prior to arrival).

Instructor-led Hands-on Sessions (taken from onlineaha.org)

Q: What is the difference between the current BLS skills session (parts 2 and 3) for the BLS blended learning courses and the Instructor-led portion of the new HeartCode BLS blended learning course?
A: The new HeartCode BLS Instructor-led hands-on session is a structured course focused on meaningful skills practice, debriefing, team scenarios, discussions of local protocols, and skills testing. It is more comprehensive than the skills practice and testing session for the 2010 Guidelines blended learning courses.

Q: Why did the AHA move to a structured, hands-on session for blended learning with 2015 Guidelines version courses?
A: Due to current survival rates, compelling educational research, and Instructor feedback, the AHA has updated BLS Instructor Manual to include Sample Agendas and Lesson Plans for both Instructor-led and blended learning course formats, giving Instructors the content and curriculum to conduct better skills training, practice, and testing sessions.

The new HeartCode BLS covers the full pathway to learning so both cognitive and psychomotor skills (which are critical to resuscitation) are incorporated into the lessons, and there is ample opportunity for skills practice along with team practice.