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Force-on-Force Pistol Training

SKU: $500.00
Our Force-On-Force Pistol Training class is an eye-opening experience. You will learn how to point shoot naturally and quickly as you move with proven modern methods, to move fast or get shot, and to upset the shooter's thought process. Simple is faster, fluidity and training are key, and stagnation and ignorance are death. Learn instinctive, reactive shooting and moving. You will see immediately what works and what doesn't. This class will teach you more about yourself, your thought process, and your ability to problem-solve quickly. In the blink of an eye, you will see our Force-On-Force theme —"Tentatio per incendia"— an old phrase meaning "Trial by Fire." In other words, it is all theory until you test it in the crucible of combat, and Force-On-Force is the closest we can get to it without bloodshed. Covenant Tactical will provide UTM rounds, firearms modification equipment and UTM safety equipment. .

Equipment to bring:
Modern Semi-Auto 9mm Handgun with three (3) magazines
Modern Rifle (AR-15) with three (3) magazines
Let me know what make/model of handgun you are bringing.