Lent Giving


The season of Lent reminds us to come back to the Lord.

“Return to Me with all your heart, And with fasting, weeping and mourning,” For He is, “Gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in loving kindness.” (Joel 2:12-13)

The Lord does not call us to be stagnant in grief, but to be moved with compassion and empathy to serve others. This is a call of prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving so our suffering can make room for greater joy and unity.

It is often easier to find this empathy for those struggling far away, overseas. But, there are many people in need of support and compassion close to home. Thankfully, because of the dedication and generosity of supporters like you, missionaries like Fr. Jose Pimentel are able to enact this spirit of solidarity and gracious compassion to those living right here, in North America.

After serving 15 years as a missionary priest in Egypt, Sudan, and South Africa, Fr. Pimentel came to the U.S. to serve his own people, the Hispanic community, at Holy Cross parish in South Central Los Angeles. Here, the community celebrates the sacraments in English and Spanish and shares its rich cultural heritage through religious traditions.

Recently, religious vocations have been growing at Holy Cross parish. Ribaldo Herrera, one of three home-based seminarians, knows the importance of these missions. Herrera grew up in a low-income household in L.A. where he and many other youth in the community had to, “Be the voice,” for their parents when they didn’t speak English. He says his experiences drove him to become passionate about, “Helping youth with similar backgrounds persevere through those obstacles we face.”

Father Louis Gasparini has dedicated much of his ministry to Hispanic communities, most recently serving as the director for Hispanic Ministry for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The heart of this ministry is to help the poor and struggling within the immigrant community find the resources they need to build a stable life and hope for the future

In 1997 the Comboni Missionaries also founded Su Casa—the primary provider of social, educational, language, employment, and health care services to the Hispanic community in Greater Cincinnati. The aim of these services is to help develop self-sufficiency for the poor and vulnerable of the immigrant community. Catholic Charities in Southwestern Ohio is responsible for this ministry today.

There is work to be done to welcome and empower those who have been deemed outsiders. With your help, we can equip Hispanic communities with basic resources like education, pastoral care, and community support.

Ribaldo Herrera found his passion for helping youth build the strength and perseverance to fight for their goals. Your generosity will not only enable more people to discover their vocation within the Church, but it will also touch the lives of countless others here in the U.S.

Please consider a contribution to fuel struggling communities and create an atmosphere of loving respect. Every gift is important and appreciated, no matter the size.

During this season of Lent, I invite you to answer God’s call to return to Him with your whole heart. Through our prayers, sacrifices, and almsgiving, we can be present to the Lord in the poor and vulnerable. Together, we can make room for the greater joy that is to come.


Fr. Ruffino Ezama, mccj

Provincial Superior - North American Province

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