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Manilatown Is In The Heart Time Travel With Al Robles (2008)

A one-man social service agency and poet, Al Robles is truly one of Asian America's hidden gems. For 3 decades, he has been roaming Chinatown/Manilatown's single-room occupancy hotels, taking elderly veterans to their appointments and delivering lunch to shut-ins.
Al is the link to the disappearing manong generation, the bachelor society that came from the Phillipines in the 1920s and 1930s as workers. He records, interprets, and channels their stories. Al's music graces much of the action, but it is his performance at poetry readings - his ability to whisk the audience into altered states - that shines through brilliantly.
Produced, directed, and edited by Curtis Choy Cinematography/Videography by Emiko Omori & Curtis Choy

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