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Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance • Impressions of a City

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Paul Wertico – drums;
Danny Markovitch – electric soprano/tenor saxophones;

John Moulder – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fretless guitar; 

Brian Peters – electric bass, duduk, shvi, soundscapes, synthesizer, violin, piano;

Dani Rabin – electric guitar, looping, prepared guitar, slides

“The music on this album is like nothing you’ve heard recently… these five musicians had never worked as one unit before stepping into the studio, where they improvised everything you hear on this disc… Wertico and company have constructed a panoramic palette of tonal colors and sonic designs, a broad wash of landscape imagery and topographical detail and deep-fathom waves (and even a little smoke-and-mirrors). His instincts remain intact: this quintet of collision, patched together on a whim, achieves the unity of purpose that Wertico imagined – even without preparation or rehearsal. As they’ve done on the trio’s previous recordings, Moulder and Peters manage to give themselves over to the music without subsuming their own unique personae; meanwhile, the new guys add a stream of fresh ideas, renewing the well from which this music springs. Holding it all in his remarkably strong hands is Wertico himself, one of the most energetic, inventive, and masterful drummers in any genre, on one of the most impressively spontaneous albums you’ll find on this planet – or any other.”
- Neil Tesser (from the liner notes)


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