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Paulinho Garcia • My Very Life

SKU: $15.00
Paulinho Garcia – guitar, vocals;
Heitor Garcia – percussion;

Geraldo de Oliveira – percussion;
Brett Benteler – double bass;

Grazyna Auguscik – vocals;
Steve Eisen – saxophone, flute; 

Julie Koidin – flute;
Michael Allemana – electric guitar; 

Ernie Denov – electric guitar;
Don Stiernberg – mandolin.

“Alone with his guitar, his voice conjures a romantic figure balancing serenity and saudade (the Brazilian word for “that happy sadness” which has no easy equivalency in English) – a soundtrack for the famous Picasso portrait “The Old Guitarist.” And working with a broad range of Chicago musicians – reflecting relationships forged over 30 years in America – Paulinho’s voice becomes the sunlit jewel at the center of the various small ensembles heard here… The real surprise of this album lies in the fact that so fine a modern exponent of bossa nova as Paulinho Garcia emerges as so effective an interpreter, and so accomplished a composer, of the bossa’s many cousins.”
- Neil Tesser (from the liner notes)


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