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The Personal Grid Alignment

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A Personal Grid Alignment formerly called The Reconnection® is different than a Reconnective Healing®, though one does receive healing benefits when they undergo the experience. A Personal Grid Alignment can take you to new levels of beingness, and accelerate your personal growth.

Originally, the grid or axiatonal lines (similar to acupuncture lines) of our bodies were connected to the grid of the universe. These meridians also encircle the planet and cross at sacred sites on earth such as Sedona or Machu Picchu.

Long ago, there was a time on this planet when verbal communication was not necessary. Everything was communicated telepathically. Over time as we became cut off from the grid, we lost that ability. What a Personal Grid Alignment does is bring in new lines, increasing vibratory levels and frequencies for better health and healing. Combining color and sound frequencies, these grid lines are part of a higher dimensional system responsible for the renewal function within the DNA of the human body. A Personal Grid Alignment permanently connects the client to a higher dimensional frequency, bringing in light and information for the client’s personal evolution. This helps to give the client a permanent "upgrade" to attract their perfect life path. A shift occurs within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms to provide an awareness and understanding of the universe that was not available before. When the recipient of a Personal Grid Alignment is functioning at its highest capacity, awareness of people and circumstances are heightened, better health is experienced, and wiser life choices can be made. A Personal Grid Alignment process is completed in two sessions, one to two days apart. It is recommended that at least one Reconnective Healing® session take place before a Personal Grid Alignment is done.

There is a one time cost for a Personal Grid Alignment which is $333, and unlike a healing session, MUST BE DONE IN PERSON.