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A Reconnective Healing Session with Recorded Messages

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Since September, 2001, Harriette Knight, a healing practitioner and intuitive, has been attuned to a very potent healing energy called Reconnective Healing® by Dr. Eric Pearl from Los Angeles, CA. She is an Accredited Practitioner for Levels I/II and III of Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®.

A practitioner of Reconnective Healing uses a higher frequency of energy to make it possible for a client’s body to heal itself. The practitioner may or may not know what needs healing. The energy has an intelligence far beyond human, and will go where it is needed on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Reconnective Healing is a very gentle "hands off" technique that has a calming effect on the client. It can be especially effective for numerous ailments including injuries, pain relief, diseases, and anxiety. Some people going through transitional periods in their life benefit greatly from a session. It can give peace of mind, and validation to what is happening at the moment.

A client does not have to believe in or understand Reconnective Healing for it to work. It is not religious, and does not violate any religious or medical codes. Reconnective Healing helps the body shift frequencies to a higher vibration for better general health. Sometimes people are just curious, or are drawn to having a session without knowing why.

Harriette Knight is fortunate that during healing sessions psychic and intuitive messages are given to her for the client’s benefit. After the completion of the session, feedback is exchanged and the intuitive messages are shared. Her accuracy rate is astonishing and clients report that the sessions are life-changing. In some cases, relatives who have passed relay messages which can be very healing.

It is generally recommended that one to three sessions take place. The healing continues to work even after the session is completed. Clients are fully clothed and lie down comfortably on a massage table with their eyes closed.

The cost for a ninety minute Reconnective Healing session which includes the psychic and intuitive messages recorded and emailed to you is $300. The sessions are done distantly and are just as effective as in person.

To book an appointment or get more information, please call Harriette Knight at 661-254-4747 or add this to your cart to purchase a session. You will be contacted by email to confirm an appointment time.