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GEMSTONE POWER! Meditation 2 CD set

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GEMSTONE POWER! 52 Meditations from Abalone to Zircon


Each of the 52 meditations in this set can be used to boost your spirits, bring peace of mind, and help you move forward in your life. The easy-listening guided messages reflect the qualities of gemstones from Abalone to Zircon. Whether you listen for just a few minutes each day or longer, you will be opening the way for change. Benefits of the meditations may include the release of negativity and outdated thought patterns, enhanced intuition, balanced chakras, and improved state of mind.

Having the actual gemstones is not necessary to reap the benefits of the meditations. Simply enjoy the uplifting, inspirational, and positive messages, and embrace the magical world that awaits you.

1. Introduction 2. Abalone 3. Agate 4. Amazonite 5. Amber 6. Amethyst 7. Angelite 8. Aquamarine 9. Aragonite 10. Atlantisite 11. Aventurine 12. Carnelian 13. Chrysocolla 14. Citrine 15. Emerald 16. Fluorite 17. Fossilized Wood 18. Garnet 19. Hematite 20. Howlite 21. Jade 22. Jasper 23. Kyanite 24. Labradorite 25. Lapiz Lazuli 26. Lemurian Seed 27. Malachite 28. Moonstone 29. Onyx 30. Opal 31. Pearl 32. Peridot 33. Pyrite 34. Quartz Crystal 35. Rhodochrosite 36. Rhodonite 37. Rose Quartz 38. Ruby 39. Sapphire 40. Selenite 41. Shiva Lingam 42. Smoky Quartz 43. Snowflake Obsidian 44. Sodalite 45. Sugilite 46. Sunstone 47. Tektite/Moldavite 48. Tiger's Eye 49. Topaz 50. Tourmaline 51. Turquoise 52. Unakite 53. Zircon

Recorded and engineered by Geoffrey Rubay
Total running time – 75 minutes

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Disclaimer: The meditations on this CD are to support the quest for personal or spiritual growth. Harriette Knight and anyone associated with the making of this CD is neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. The meditations are not to replace medical care or alternative treatments.