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PowerPoint:Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

SKU: CSPP2 $39.00
PowerPoint Presentation Topics: The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Defined. The Birth of PCR. Molecular Events of the Cycle: Denaturation, Primer Annealing, Primer Extension. Final Extension. Oligonucleotide Selection: Primer Design and Usage. Primer Length and Melting Temperature (Tm). Base Composition. Using BLAST for Assessing Primer Design. Using the Internet and Software Programs for Primer Design and Usage. Properties of Thermostable DNA Polymerases. Optimization of the Reaction: A Typical Reaction Mix, Importance of Mg2+ Concentration, Guidelines for Determining Number of Cycles, PCR Additives for Optimization. PCR Contamination: Prevention and Control: Variations on the PCR Theme. PowerPoint Presentations: Each 35 - 45 frame presentation contains text in an outline form, charts, graphs and copies of microscopic observations. The material is supported by a manual for the instructor to follow, giving him or her additional information for each frame of the presentation. The presentations are designed to be covered in a 35 - 40 minute class period.
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