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PowerPoint: Normal and Cancer Cells In Vitro Lecture

SKU: SCPP1 $39.00
PowerPoint 1 Presentation Topics; The Importance of in vitro Technology: Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture Defined. Use for Basic and Medical Research: Gene Mapping, Genetic Disease, Growth Factors, The Cell Cycle, Carcinogenesis. From Biopsy to Culture: Importance of Sterility, Biopsy vs. Whole Animal Embryo as a Cell Source, Tissue Mincing, Tissue Dissociation with Proteolytic Enzymes, The Primary Culture - Survival, Proliferation, and Elimination. The In Vitro Environment: Physical Environment & Chemical Environment. Normal Cells: Formation, Attachment, Contact Inhibition, Finite Life Span, and Senescence Cancer Cells: In Vivo Behavior, In Vitro Properties, Evaluation of Tumorigenic Potential, Immortal Cells, Chromosome Abnormalities. PowerPoint Presentations: Each 35 - 45 frame presentation contains text in an outline form, charts, graphs and copies of microscopic observations. The material is supported by a manual for the instructor to follow, giving him or her additional information for each frame of the presentation. The presentations are designed to be covered in a 35 - 40 minute class period.
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