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PowerPoint: Karyotyping

SKU: CSPP4 $39.00
PowerPoint Presentation Topics: Karyotyping Defined. Representative Applications in Biomedical Studies. Chromosome Structure and Changes During the Cell Cycle. The Human Karyotype: Homologous Chromosomes, Somatic & Sex Chromosomes, and Chromosome Nomenclature. Manipulation of Cultured Cells for Karyotyping. Banded Chromosomes. Human Genome Project and Mapping of Disease and Normal Genes. PowerPoint Presentations: Each 35 - 45 frame presentation contains text in an outline form, charts, graphs and copies of microscopic observations. The material is supported by a manual for the instructor to follow, giving him or her additional information for each frame of the presentation. The presentations are designed to be covered in a 35 - 40 minute class period.
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