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PowerPoint: Cell Fusion

SKU: CSPP5 $39.00
PowerPoint Presentation Topics: Cell Fusion-- from Cytopathology Observation to Controlled Experimentation. The Age of Manipulative Biology and the Deliberate Manufacture of Somatic Cell Intra-species and Inter-species Hybrids. Overview: Fusion Partners (Parental Cells), The Fusion Process from Heterokaryons to Hybrids, The HAT Selection System. Complementary Parental Cells for TK and HGPRT genes. Hybrid Cell Line Stability and Random Loss of Genes. Alternative Fusion Methods. Use of Hybrids in Cancer Research: Fusion of Normal and Cancer Cells. Fusion of Antibody Producing Cells and Tumor Cells to Obtain an Immortal Hybridoma Cell Line Secreting One Antibody (Monoclonal Antibody Production). Hybrid Cell Lines and Gene Mapping: Fusion Partners, Clonal Lines with Varying Karyotype, Correlation of Loss of Biochemical Trait with Loss of Specific Chromosome Cell Reconstruction: The Assembly of Functional Cells with Organelles from Different Cells PowerPoint Presentations: Each 35 - 45 frame presentation contains text in an outline form, charts, graphs and copies of microscopic observations. The material is supported by a manual for the instructor to follow, giving him or her additional information for each frame of the presentation. The presentations are designed to be covered in a 35 - 40 minute class period.
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