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CellServKit 3: Effects of Cytotoxins on Cells

SKU: CSK3 $75.00
With this kit, each student will assess the various types and levels of abnormalities which may arise in cells following exposure to a cytotoxin. Mouse L929 cells are grown on coverslips in the presence of both low and high levels of colchicine. Each student will stain and mount the cells and observe with a microscope the effects of the toxin on cell morphology. Students compare these aberrant morphologies with those of untreated cells. This exercise provides a practical introduction to the field of in vitro toxicology and its importance in biomedical research and environmental science. The manual provides insights into the practical applications of this important field of study. The accompanying photographs illustrate some typical examples of cellular aberrations. Suitable for introductory biology, cell biology, cytopathology, and environmental science courses. Each Kit 3 Includes: Enough materials for 30 students working individually L929 cells, a transformed mouse cell line, fixed to coverslips: zero dose. L929 cells exposed to 1µg/ml of colchicine and fixed to coverslips L929 cells exposed to 10µg/ml of colchicine and fixed to coverslips STAIN #1 and STAIN #2; Permount (mounting medium). Printed background and procedural information as well as a Glossary of Terms, References, & Further Reading. Teacher's Preparation: Monocular or binocular microscope (10X - 40X objectives) Forceps, pipettes, microscope slides. Distilled or deionized water aliquotted in small tubes or in squeeze bottles Time Requirements: 60-80 minutes, including casual observations and calculations.
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