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Psi Kalc

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A random number (several digits long) is arrived at by members of the audience. A pocket calculator is used to ensure that the magician could not have known the number in advance. A member of the audience is asked to concentrate on each of the digits in the number. The magician proceeds to "read the audience member's mind" by correctly revealing each digit of the final result. In performance, a pocket size scientific calculator is displayed and shown to work normally. Simple calculations are executed which demonstrate that the calculator keys function correctly (addition, multiplication, subtraction and division). If desired, scientific functions can be demonstrated to work normally as well (e.g. square root). The calculator is handed to members of the audience who enter numbers of their choice, perform various calculations, and arrive at a final numerical result. The calculator is out of the magician's sight when the audience is entering numbers and arriving at the final result. BIG ADVANTAGES: No Stooges - Easy to Do - No Sleights Required - Complete illustrated instructions with bonus tips and routines - Perform Any Time, Any Where - Effect can be repeated immediately with different results - Can be performed for an audience of one to hundreds - Performer can use it as regular calculator when not performing the effect - Hard shell protective case