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Homemade BBQ Sauces

SKU: $10.70
Enjoy our range of four homemade sauces. Winning first place in local competitions, these sauces offer excellent taste with each bite. All sauces are available in quart jars. Old School Old School is a solid, traditional BBQ sauce. Vinegar-based, it is not too spicy but is still full of great flavor. Spicy B While it is similar to the Old School flavor, our Spicy B sauce is a bit sweeter. With a bit more vinegar than Old School, it gives a great little kick! Youngster Sauce Our Youngster Sauce is perfect for kids and those who prefer less spice in their sauce! A regular, plain sauce, it has a pleasing flavor. Sweet and Spicy Our Sweet and Spicy sauce will definitely liven up your next meal. A sweet, vinegar-based sauce, it offers a mildly spicy taste.
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