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BOOK AND CD: Heart and Sound

SKU: 3 $19.95
"Heart and Sound" is an inspirational tool that you can use to change your life. Would you like to feel more positive every day? Would you like to be in a better mood most of the time? Well you can, if you "change your mind." Carole Lynne knows that thoughts are things, and the thoughts that we allow to play in our minds all day shape our lives. Change your thoughts - change your life!

Carole Lynne created the "Heart and Sound" book and CD for herself and her students to use as they all worked together toward being more positive in life. Now she shares these wonderful affirmations, prayers, and chants with you.

The chants are easy to sing, and you or your group can sing along with the CD.

Carole Lynne says that "Heart and Sound" is only a heartbeat away from a better life, if with spirits' help, we will give ourselves the gift.