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At CYO we are committed to doing our best work every day, as well as, stretching our limited resources as far as we can, but we can always use help from you.  Please consider making a general unspecified donation to CYO services and we will put it to good use, or if you prefer, you can designate a particular program or service to apply your donation toward.

I thank you in advance for your support and you can join us in making a difference in a young person's life today.
Pastor Anthony Ortiz


Got more time than money?  Consider becoming one of our volunteer mentors?

• Can you develop a rapport with those that have been involved in the justice system?
• Are you also a great listener, patient, flexible, and dependable?
• Are you able to devote some of your personal time to get to know and support individuals achieve their goals?
• Are you at least 21-years-old, living a clean and sober lifestyle?

If so, you may be one of those special people eligible to become a Volunteer Mentor.  All Volunteer Mentors must undergo screening and interview, background check, and attend an orientation.  Ongoing training, support, and incentives are provided.  For more information, please contact our San Jose Office at (408)280-0203 or email us at

California Youth Outreach
is a Non-Profit Tax Exempt 501(c)3 organization as designated by the IRS. Your donations may be tax deductable, consult your tax consultant.



Prefer to pay by check?  Make your check payable to California Youth Outreach and mail to:

P. O. Box 8671
Fresno, CA. 93747


For additional information, contact our Administration Office at:
(559) 445-2680

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Make a Donation to California Youth Outreach

Make a Donation to California Youth Outreach

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