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Cool Gel 4.5 oz

SKU: £3.99
A very cool way to freshen your car’s interior. Pop the top, replace the cap and drop Cool Gel® into a cup holder or under the seat. Instantly, your car’s interior is filled with the wonderful fragrance of California Scents.

Available Fragrances
•Laguna Breeze
•Coronado Cherry
•Desert Jasmine
•Orange Blossom
•La Jolla Lemon
•Shasta Strawberry
•Capistrano Coconut
•Newport New Car
•Golden State Delight
•Malibu Melon
•Strawberries & Cream
•Verri Berry
•L.A. Lavender
•Fresh Linen
•Concord Cranberry
•Vista Grapefruit
•Balboa Bubblegum
•Orchard Apple