African Daisies
Six Basils Mix
Caleb's Color Carrot Mix
Red Fife Summer Wheat
German Queen Tomato SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Indian Woman Yellow Bush BeansSOLD OUT FOR 2017
Soapwort plant (makes herbal soap)
Red Express Cabbage SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Country Gentleman Sweet Corn
Personal Certification Class
Squash Waltham Butternut
Lemon Beebalm (Lemon Bergamot)SOLD OUT
Di Cicco Broccoli
Business certification
Reusable Apple Cider Vinegar Filter Bag (gallon size)
Winter Green Jewel Romaine
Tom Thumb Lettuce
Green Oak Leaf Lettuce
Cayenne Pepper
Scarlet Nantes Carrots
Kakai Hullless PumpkinSOLD OUT FOR 2017
Water Kefir Grains (fresh, not dried)
Albino Sugar Beets
All-Natural Lotion Bars (set of 3)
Aloe, CapeSOLD OUT FOR 2017
Belgian Winter Leeks
Brigham Tea seeds
Buttercrunch Lettuce
Caleb Warnock's Guaranteed Edible Weedkiller Recipe (download after purchase)
Carpet of Snow Alyssum Flowers
Cheese Rennet, 100% Natural & Organic (to make 16 cheeses)
Amish Paste TomatoesSOLD OUT FOR 2017
Milk Kefir Grains (fresh, not dried)
Caldwell UPS shipping
Medicinal Elecampane
Feverfew (medicinal herb)
Garlic Chives
Golden Turnips
Minnesota Midget MelonSOLD OUT
Medicinal Oatstraw (seed)
Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)
Purple Top Globe Turnip
Medicinal St. John's Wort
Purslane (common)
hannah 1899.99
Medicinal Vervain
Red Turkey Winter Wheat
Milk Thistle SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Reusable cheesecloth or herb straining cloth
Potimarron SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Mizuna Asian Salad Greens
Mullein (medicinal herb)
Noir Des Carmes Cantaloupe
Tender Green Cucuzzi Summer Squash
Parsnip All American
Collard Green Vates SOLD OUT FOR 2017
North Pole Lettuce
Peppermint (herb)
Plantain (medicinal herb)
Snowball Cauliflower
Spearmint (herb)
Stinging Nettle (medicinal)
Strawberry Spinach
Summer Savory
Sweet Basil
Sweet Mace
Vernal Red Orach
Viili Finnish Probiotic Yogurt Starter Culture (mild, creamy, world's easiest homemade yogurt!)
Dark Green Zucchini SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Winter Rye
Zucchini Costata Romanesco
Teff (grain)
Early Wonder Beets
Christmas Special 2017 (40 seed packs)
Natural Yeast Baking Success Guaranteed Online Class + Kit
Broccoli Romanesco
Cushaw Green Striped
True Potato Seeds (TPS) SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Chinese Cabbage Michihili
Bell Pepper California Wonder
Asparagus "Mary Washington"
Cinnamon Basil
Beefsteak Slicing Tomato
Roma Tomato
Stupice Tomato
Pollination bags (set of 4) SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Stevia (seeds) SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Onion Shallot Zebrune
Medicinal yarrowSOLD OUT FOR 2017
Superior Cherry Tomatoes
Superior Cherry Tomatoes
Living Probiotic Cultures Class Fri. Nov. 17, 2017 11am-noon
Living Probiotic Cultures Class Wed. Nov. 15, 2017 6:30-7:30pm
Alpine Strawberries
America Spinach
Caleb's Deep Winter Lettuce
Cascadia Peas
Celery "Utah"
Chioggia Beets
Common Mallow (culinary and medicinal)
Danvers Half-Long Carrots
Dragon Tongue Bush Beans
Dwarf Siberian Blue Kale
Early Prolific Straight-Neck Summer SquashSOLD OUT FOR 2017
Early Yellow Crookneck Squash
French Marigolds (yellow/red color mix)
German Chamomile
Golden Sweet Peas
Grand Rapids Lettuce
Lemon Balm
Lime Basil
Live Natural Yeast "Success Guaranteed" Kit (free with $26 purchase)
Marketmore CucumberSOLD OUT
Marvel of Four Season Lettuce
Medicinal Horehound
Medicinal Hyssop
Medicinal Motherwort
Medicinal Self Heal (also called Heal All or All Heal) SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Oregano (culinary and medicinal)
Osaka Purple Mustard Greens
Pioneer Pink-Eyed Beans
Small Yellow Pear Tomatoes
Turnip Vertus Mareau
Wintergreen, True
Sugar Ann Peas
Grow Your Own Natural Yeast Start From Nature! (kit)
Sweet Marjoram
Jim's Jar Top Fermentor
Joe's Earliest Slicer Tomato
Tai Sai Salad Greens
Thyme (common)
Lemongrass (herb)SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Watermelon Sugar Baby SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Medicinal Comfrey
Medicinal Skullcap (also called Scullcap)
Lemon Basil
Poona Keera Cucumber
Lobelia (medicinal herb)
"Watermelon" Radish SOLD OUT FOR 2017
Winter Density Lettuce
Medicinal Catnep (Catmint, Catnip)
Sage (common)
Geranium Lavender Pink
Medicinal Calendula (orange flowers)
RosemarySOLD OUT
Green Mountain Huge multiplier onions

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