Garbanzo Bean, Creamy Early White (100% Natural, Grown without Chemicals)

SKU: $1.45

A delicious creamy chickpea (garbanzo bean) that cooks easily and is great for hummus or roasted whole or used in soups. Seriously, if you've never tried roasted chickpeas, they might be your new favorite snack - or on top of soup! This white chickpea is a longtime heirloom favorite originating from Spain. Approx. 25 seeds per pack. 100% Natural, Grown without Chemicals heirloom seeds.

How to Grow: Plant about an inch deep in April or May as soil warms up., 6 inches apart. Leaves can irritate the skin so wear gloves. In autumn, before frost, pull up the entire plant and let it completely air dry before shelling.


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