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SeedRenaissance.com Bulk, Wholesale & Group Order Price List*:


$400 minimum required on any bulk, wholesale or group order.

*Prices may be subject to change. FREE SHIPPING or local delivery on bulk, wholesale and group orders. (Shipping for group orders must be to a single address). We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Please email calebwarnock@yahoo.com to inquire about bulk and wholesale order availability. If you don't see a seed variety you want, please email to inquire about bulk availability.

Bulk Seeds Combo Prices

(prices apply only to the Bulk Seeds List below; total packets may be any combination of seed packets on the Bulk Seeds List (for example, 20 packets of each seed listed, or 100 each of four seeds listed, etc):

400+ total packets = $1.00 each

600+ total packets = $0.89 each

1,000+ total packets = $0.69 each

2,500+ total packets = $0.59 each

Bulk Seeds List


Basil, Sweet

Beet, Chioggia

Broccoli “Di Cicco”

Cantaloupe “Noir des Carmes”

Carrots “Scarlet Nantes”

Cauliflower “Snowball”

Celery “Utah”

Chinese Cabbage “Michihili”

Cucumber “Poona Keera"

Flower "French Marigolds Yellow/Red Color Mix"

Flower “Echinacea Purpurea (Purple Coneflower)”

Flower “German Chamomile”

Flower “Horehound”

Flower “Sweet Alyssum”

Garlic Chives

Komatsuna Salad Greens

Lemon Balm (Herb)

Lettuce “Buttercrunch”

Lettuce “Green Oakleaf”

Lettuce “Marvel of Four Seasons”

Marjoram (herb)

Mizuna Salad Greens

Orach “Vernal Red”

Oregano (herb)

Pak Choi

Parsnip “All-American”

Peas “Sugar Ann”

Pumpkins “Connecticut Field”

Pumpkin “Cushaw Green Striped"

Radish “Cincinnati Market Carrot-Type”

Radish “Watermelon”

Rutabaga “American Purple Top”

Summer Savory

Tai Sai Asian Salad Greens

Thyme Common (herb)

Tomato “Beefsteak”

Turnip “Purple Top White Globe”

Watermelon “Sugar Baby”

Per Packet Wholesale Prices (updated Jan. 2016)

Basil “Cinnamon” $1.49

Basil “Lemon” $1.29

Basil “Lime $1.29

Basil “Sacred” $1.29

Beans “Dragon Tongue” $1.19

Bean “Broad Windsor Fava” $1.39

Beets “Golden” $1.29

Black Cumin (Roman Coriander) $1.19

Carrot "Caleb's Color Mix" $1.39

Carrots “Danvers Half Long” $1.29

Carrots “Paris Market” $1.29

Carrot “Amarillo” $1.69

Cayenne Pepper $1.49

Collard Greens “Vates” $1.29

Comfrey (herb) $1.69

Common Mallow (herb) $1.19

Eggplant “Little Finger" $1.29

Feverfew (herb) $1.10

Flower Lavender “Munstead” $1.39

Flowers, Cosmos 1.39

Flower “Calendula, Orange” SOLD OUT (approx. restock date: Aug. 2016)

Flower “St. John’s Wort” $1.19

Flower “Sweet Mace” $1.19

Kale "Dwarf Blue Siberian" $1.69

Lettuce, Tom Thumb $1.39

Lettuce “Caleb’s Deep Winter” $1.39

Lettuce “Grand Rapids” $1.39

Mullein (herb) $1.49

Peas, Golden Sweet $1.19

Peas “Cascadia” $1.39

Peppermint (herb) $1.39

Pumpkin "Atlantic Giant" $1.79

Sage (common) $1.39

Self Heal (herb) $1.39

Seven Basils Mix $1.39

Spearmint (herb) $1.39

Spinach “America” $1.49

Squash "Waltham Butternut" $1.49

Stevia (herb) $1.49

Strawberry Alpine $1.49

Strawberry “Heirloom Pineapple” $1.69SOLD OUT (approx. restock date May 2016)

Summer Squash "Early Prolific Straight-Neck" $1.19

Summer Squash “Early Crookneck” $1.19

Tomato "Amish Paste" $1.49

Tomato "Snow Fairy" $1.69

Tomato “Roma $1.19

Turnip “Golden Ball” $1.29

Zucchini "Costata Romanesco" $1.49

Zucchini “Black Beauty” $1.19

Zucchini “Dark Green” $1.19

Pollination Bags (cotton blend, 4x6 inches, drawstring, reusable)

$1.00 per bag

50 bags ($0.75/ bag, $37.50 total)

100 bags ($0.50/bag, $50 total)

If you don’t see a seed or product listed here, please email calebwarnock@yahoo.com to inquire about availability.

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