Belgian Winter Leeks (100% Natural, Grown without Chemicals)

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These are bred to be short and fat instead of long and tall, so they don't need as much attention to make them have white stalks. A must-have for delicate flavor. Biennial. Approx. 45 100% Natural, Grown without Chemicals, heirloom seeds per pack. Free shipping on orders over $26.

NUTRITION INFO: Leeks contain 2%DV of Vitamin A and 1%DV Vitamin C. Leeks are a member of the allium (onion) family renowned for their ability to help boost the immune system, especially in winter months, thanks to the natural enzymes found in leeks, onions, and garlic.

HOW TO GROW: Plant directly in the garden anytime beginning in early spring through late fall. Belgian Winter Leeks are very hardy and will naturalize in your garden, providing you a continual harvest for the rest of your life. You can mound compost or soil around the stem to whiten them, or you can just use them as they grow, which is what I do. They have a wonderful flavor, especially for soups, roasted vegetables, and slow cooker meals.

THE SEEDRENAISSANCE.COM GUARANTEE: Every seed I sell is guaranteed pure, NEVER hybrid, GMO, patented, or corporate owned. Our food supply MUST remain in the public domain. Join me in creating a renaissance in our backyard gardens :)


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