Security Officer Advanced Training Course

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In this 40 hour, Security Officers will receive advanced training in: S.O.R.A Initial class, Security Officer OC Pepper Spray course, Security Officer Handcuffing course, Firearms Safety course. In this class: Students will also be given the equipment necessary to perform the mandatory application needed for the classes listed in the course. All classes listed in each course the student must pass a written exam and/or a practical exam. Upon completion of the courses listed in this curriculum the student will receive a certificate for the class along with a ID card. *Special features of the course*: The purpose of S.O.R.A Initial/Advanced training course provides the student with the tools necessary to work in the Security Industry. It allows the student to become more marketable and thus it shows an employer that this Security Officer took the time to educate his/her self which in return enhances professionalism. ***PREREQUISITES***A MUST, PLEASE READ***: For Admission to the program, Students must submit a application to the NJSP at which time a background check will be conducted. NOTE***: You CANNOT have any degree of crime from a fourth to first degree level. : Class Fees includes NJSP S.O.R.A application/Fingerprinting application : ****Please Call for class/course dates and times****