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Mayan Toltec Aztec Visions of Our Soul Life

SKU: 978-1548348427 $29.95 $23.95 You Save: 20%
Here is a beautiful, full-color, visual journey through real Mayan and Aztec temples, pyramids, and underground chambers, as well as ancient texts and wall paintings – all providing us with insights into the nature and destiny of our souls. This book explains how the strange tales and images of these ancient people tell of a secret journey that souls are on and how our human bodies are actually temples with internal processes that lead to higher, more expansive consciousness. The soul story of these ancient, mystical people provides a view from the shadow side of our psyche, with imagery that can be uncomfortable to see but so important to our soul growth and victory over illusions. It includes 4 temple training sessions, ancient altar ceremonies, and prophecies concerning the cycles of time that we are living through.
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