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VIDEO Egyptian Visions of Our Soul Life

SKU: usb1 $19.00
Here is a live recording of a beautiful, virtual initiation journey through real Egyptian teachings using temples, papyruses, and imagery. John Van Auken is the Director of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and has made 36 tours of Egypt and over 30 years of research and photography. This video takes you through Temple Trainings, including: Rays within the Great Ra (Ray); Our Unseen Transformers; 3: Stages to Enlightenment; and The Light Heart & God-consciousness. It contains color images of rare photos and illustrations with text from The Book of Coming Forth by Light, popularly known as The Egyptian Book of the Dead. It shows the correlation between ancient temples and the human body as a temple, with its passageways and chakras, as well as changes in our thinking that lead to higher, more expanded consciousness. Also included are color papyruses highlighting important teachings for modern enlightenment and spirituality.
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