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Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes

SKU: 978-0-87604-866-5 $12.00
The existence of a sacred, secret sect called the Essenes was a topic of many of Edgar Cayce's psychic readings of the Akaskic Record. His information would later be confirmed by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls - two years after Cayce's death. His information gives detailed descriptions of who the Essenes were, their connection to the Magi that visited baby Jesus, and how they dispersed their wisdom and wealth far and wide. In this book you will meet of the most important teachers for young Jesus, a female Essene of great wisdom, skill, and power. Learn how the secret wing of the community infiltrated King Herod's court in order to keep tabs on this brutal ruler, who attempted to kill baby Jesus by killing all the male babies under the age of two! There is also much information about humanity's origin, soul group, and the purpose for which we are here on earth today.
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