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Flower Essence Products

The flower essence drops listed below are mixtures that I have developed in response to common needs of my clients. Custom mixtures are formulated in conjunction with a private flower essence consultation. Click here for more information on what flower essences are and how they work.


Menopause Drops: helps to relieve mental and emotional fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog, sadness, anger, emotional outbursts. $20 per one ounce bottle.


Lyme Drops: helps to relieve mental, emotional and physical fatigue: promotes energy, inspiration, courage and optimism. $20 per one ounce bottle.


Depression Drops: helps to relieve sadness, obsessive thoughts, mental, emotional and physical fatigue: promotes confidence, positive attitude and joy. $20 per one ounce bottle.


Anxiety Drops: helps to relieve fear, stress, obsessive overwhelming thoughts: promotes calm, well-being, courage, flexibility and clear purpose. $20 per one ounce bottle.


Emergency Drops: helps to relieve fear, shock, trauma, loss of control: promotes calm, alertness, patience, courage and well-being. $20 per one ounce bottle.


Dream Drops: helps to relieve insomnia and stimulate dreams that help you to work through daily issues. $20 per one ounce bottle.


Fear, Phobia Drops: Helps to balance fear and calm anxiety due to phobias. $20 per 1 ounce bottle.

Post Traumatic Stress Drops: Helps to calm and soothe the mind, reduces post traumatic stress and promotes healthy balance. $20 per 1 ounce bottle.

Aromatherapy Sprays

made with organic essential oils to use on the body, pillows, linens and as a room scent to uplift, de-stress, calm and harmonize.


Sage and Cedar Spray: a fresh smelling room spray made from sage, cedar and lemon balm oils to clear, deodorize and lighten the energy of room or office. $20 per 4 ounce bottle. 

Lavender Spray: a calm scent of lavender and lemon balm oils to promote relaxation and sleep. $20 per 4 ounce bottle.



There's A Whole In The Sky

The Honey Pit: Finding the Grandmother's Way

You can email me at info@dream-flowerconsultant.com  or call me at 508-873-3608.

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The Honey Pit: Finding the Grandmother's Way - softcover

SKU: 4002 $19.99
The Honey Pit-Finding the Grandmother’s Way is an inspirational novel of timeless, enriching and thought provoking teachings. The story chronicles the mystical experiences of New Englander, Laurel Cannon, who at age forty finds herself divorced from a short-lived marriage. Laurel’s spiritual practice of Native American ceremonies leads her to an initiation into a women’s society and on an incredible journey to uncover and heal her buried sadness. After nine months of preparation, Laurel finds herself questing alone on a hill in the scorching heat in an isolated Texas town, hoping to find clarity to deal with life’s challenges. A series of encounters with and teachings from an elder Native American woman, require her to enter The Honey Pit - a place for healing deep within. Like a caterpillar’s transformation to a butterfly, she envisions a path of empowerment by embracing the teachings, her feminine self and sacred purpose. Loralee Dubeau is a flower essence, dream and intuitive consultant, lecturer, teacher and follows the Native American ceremonial path. She is an elder teacher of the Good Medicine Society, a Universal Life minister and author of There’s a Whole in the Sky. Loralee lives in Charlton, Massachusetts with her husband Paul Samuels.