Your order is completed.  Thank You for submitting your online order for lab testing! 

We hope you enjoy the savings on your lab testing by using this service. 

Here's what happens next after placing your lab order:

Your order will be processed as 2 separate fees for today's online lab order.  On your credit card or bank statment you will see one fee charged by the lab for the cost of the lab testing + a blood draw fee of $6.95.  The second fee you will see on your credit card for today's lab order is the processing fee of $5, or $10 or $20 (depending on the dollar amount of your lab order).  This processing fee will be charged by Healing Choices, LLC as the managing company of the the BLT System.

Within a few minutes you will receive an email receipt for the order that you placed online.  Please note that the website order number is NOT the same as the lab requisition number, and if you bring your website order number to the lab they will not find your order in their computer system.  This email receipt is the receipt you will need if you are submitting the cost of your lab testing to some type of Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) or other medical spending account.  If you need other information to submit this to HSA for reimbursement please contact the health provider that recommended the lab testing for you.

It can take up to 24 hours for your order to process through the labs computer system and create your Lab Requisition document for this specific lab order.  Please do NOT go the lab to provide your samples until after you receive your lab requisition by email.  It will arrive to you by email through our secure document sharing service called Leapfile.  This email will have a link to then download your lab requisition and some additional instructions.  If after 24 hours you have not received your lab requisition by email . . . then contact us by email at support@bltsystem.com and we can resend it to you.

Note that you will NOT receive a test kit by mail for this lab testing.  All you will receive is a lab requisition document by email and you will then need to go to a LabCorp patient center to provide your lab samples.

Once you receive your lab requisition by email . . . we recommend printing it or having it available on your phone or other device to show to the lab when you arrive to provide your lab samples.  They will need your lab requisition number to find you in their computer system.  A link to find the LabCorp location closest to you can be found on the homepage of this website, and you can also find the link in the same email that will be sent to you with your lab requisition.

If you are having any testing of blood sugar control (Glucose, Hemoglobin A1c) or any testing of cholesterol levels (Lipid Panel) . . . you will want to do a 12 hour fasting prior to going in to the lab to provide your samples for the most accurate results.  If you are not sure if you need to do a 12 fasting then contact the health provider that recommended this lab testing for you . . . or simply do the 12 hour fasting to be on the safe side and so you do not have to repeat the testing.

After providing your lab samples it can take up to a week for the lab to complete all of your testing and release your lab results.  Some lab tests are completed quicker, and occasionally there can be delays at the lab making it take longer than a week.  As soon as your lab results are released by the lab they will automatically be sent to the email address you input in your lab order for where you want your results sent to.  If you are having your lab results sent to a health provider email address then you will need to contact them to get a copy of your lab results.

Any other questions should be directed to the health provider that recommended the lab testing for you.

Please come back for your future lab testing, and be sure to let your friends and family know how they can also save a lot of money on their lab testing by contacting the health provider that recommended this lab testing for you and by using this service to order their lab testing.  Many people you know have high deductibles on their health insurance and will pay full price on lab testing recommended by their medical provider when they can get the same lab testing at up to an 80% - 90% discount when using the BLT System.

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