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Parallel Bible French and English (Francais courant - Good News Translation) / Buy 10 or more & Get an extra 10% OFF

SKU: FEB102 $79.95 $43.99 You Save: 45%
French and English Bilingual Bible and Parallel text(Francais courant-Good News Translation)Old and New Testament - Chapter and section headings; Parallel passage references - Vinyl cover with gold stamping; Gilt edges; Ribbon markers; 21.5/14.5 cm; 2064 pages -Published 2010 This Bilingual Bible is designed to help people to better undertand the word of God in their own language, and to improve their languistic skills in another language. The bilingual Bible is the first one ever created in the Francais courant - Good News Translation in the entire world, and is now available only on our site.