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If you are seeking further knowledge into the true meaning of the Bible, look no further than the Concordance Bible, an in depth index of words and phrases used the in the Bible. Unlike other Biblical resources, the Concordance Bible gives the reader the ability to find reoccurring words and phrases and see where in the Bible they are located. For those interested in the terminology that is used throughout the scripture, this is an excellent resource in piecing together where and when terms are used and the context of their usage.

This form of Bible study will give you greater insight into the culture of the authors and how different phrases have different meaning among the books of the Bible. The Concordance Biblique allows the reader to greater understand terminology used in the Bible and how it applied to the teachings of the Good Book.

The Concordance Biblique is a very valuable resource to any person studying the Bible or someone who is interested in how the Bible was written. Used in Bible translations to this day, the Concordance is a testament to excellent Bible study and research.

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Zondervan NIV Bible Verse Finder Concordance (25% OFF- $28.49 Saving)

Zondervan NIV Bible Verse Finder Concordance (25% OFF- $28.49 Saving)

Zondervan NIV Bible Verse Finder Concordance - Hardcover
$57.99 $29.95
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