Ross Bag & Canister System

SKU: $375.00
The Ross bag has a suede-like, red exterior that offers some grip and makes the Ross bag more like a hyprid hide/synthetic pipe bag, with vibrance and harmonics to rival a sheepskin bag. The bag still requires no seasoning and is virtually maintenance free; plus it's more hygienic and has a longer lifespan than most hide bags. Installation is easier than ever, with hoses that fit into the base of the stock with a simple twist. The system or any of its parts can be removed quickly, and hoses can be taken out for regular cleaning. An extra canister is supplied, so you'll always have a dry canister at hand. Canisters contain specific chambers for the chanter and each drone, so you can regulate moisture to all reeds by adjusting the amount of drying agent in the chambers or by turning the colored tabs on the output lid, opening or closing the moist air inlet holes. The Ross system gives you the opportunity to make fine adjustments, so you can have a system that best suits your playing style.
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