Bannatyne Gel cannister

SKU: $105.00
Bannatyne Canister Moisture Control System with Extra Canister The Bannatyne Canister System removes moisture to help you play longer, and regulates airflow for improved strike-ins and cut-offs. Low-dust silica beads change color as they absorb moisture, letting you know when it's time to change canisters. You can add or remove beads to customize the level of moisture control. The drone and chanter hoses connect to the stocks with rubber connector cups. These should be fitted and taped while the stocks are outside the pipe bag. The stocks are then installed in the bag, for a secure fit. Once installed, the hoses attach to a single canister that can be easily removed. The rest of the system stays in place. Made in Scotland. Features of the Bannatyne Moisture Control System: Moisture control system for drones and chanter (optional) Water trap tube can be used if the chanter hose is not Sturdy hoses Low-dust silica bead desiccant Beads change color as they absorb moisture White filter regulates airflow and limits dust to the drones Lightweight system Includes spare canister, extra gel beads, and instructions Note: A zippered pipe bag is required for installation.