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How do I order a custom shirt or suit online?

1. Review to available shirt/clothing swatches on our website.

2. Choose the fabric swatch you would like to have made into a custom tailored shirt, trousers, vest, sports coat, blazer or suit.

3. Would you like us to mail that swatch to you to review directly?

YES____  NO____

4. Go to your local tailor or seamstress to get measured for your apparel item using the downloadable charts and instructions available on our website.

5. Mail the chosen fabric swatches and the completed measurement charts and other information back to A. Smith Clothiers 5051 C Calhoun Memorial Hwy | Easley, SC 29640

6. A. Smith Clothiers will forward your information to our manufacturer, and your custom tailored garment will be shipped to you, in most cases, in 4-6 weeks.

The manufacturer will contact . Smith Clothiers when the garment is ready for starting production. At that time 50% of the cost will be required by A. Smith Clothiers which will be forwarded to the manufacturer. After the garment is completed the remaining 50% must be paid in order for the garment to the shipped to you. When you receive the garment there will be a final fittings and minor alterations which should be done by your tailor or alterations specialist.

For questions please call our store at (864)-442-5536, or emailing us at

*Any swatches mailed to you at your request must be mailed back to A. Smith Clothiers promptly when your order is processed.

Warmest Regards,

A. Smith Clothiers