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100% Hawaiian Kona Single Estate Fancy

SKU: $41.95
This high-grown, superb bean is one of the finest of the Hawaiian Konas with the ultimate in taste and aroma of all 100% Kona coffees. Hawaiian coffees are grown on new volcanic soil in a tropical paradise that is cooled by a gentle Kona breeze. These perfect conditions produce a coffee that is equally perfect in many aspects. Hawaiian coffees are the epitome of balance. Coffee from these lovely islands is clean, mild with a nice hint of milk chocolate, and just enough fruit and acidity to round out the cup. These are not extreme cups, by any means or measure. Delicate, delicate, delicate is the key. Wet Processed Altitude: Meters 250-750 Introduced: Coffee Trees arrived in Hawaii from Brazil in 1825. Harvest: Times Nov-Mar Cupping Notes: Clean, mild, mellow coffee with just enough acidity to round off the cup.
Category:Coffee, Single Origin

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