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Fat (oil) Wood - All Natural Fire Starter - 3# (Up to 35# Bulk)

SKU: 55201 $14.95
"Fat Wood" (Naturally Oily Wood) has been used for generations as an all natural and HIGHLY effective fire starter. The wood is long lasting and hot burning which is great for getting larger and damp wood to catch fire. Harvested from the stumps of felled pine trees the wood is naturally full of pitch and resins, which means a large amount of fuel is trapped within the wood fibers. Fat Wood is more flammable (easily lit with a match), hotter burning and longer lasting than most other wood products of similar size, and requires no treatment or special processing to achieve these properties. It is an all natural byproduct of the lumber industry, and a fantastic renewable resource! We use it to make lighting rocket stoves and other biomass cook stoves even easier than they already are! (A little goes a VERY long way in these stoves, mere shavings will do ya!) Also, it's great for overcoming damp tinder and/or fuel in any fire lighting endeavor. Just two pieces will get a full sized fire place, wood burning stove, or camp fire going strong, without the need for any other tinder or kindling! Plus it smells great! Try some today, you will love it! (Whether you just want to try a three pound pack or buy in bulk and grab a 35 pound box, you will be happy with the results!) Buy in bulk and save!