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The AfterBURNER Stove Corporation based in South Eastern Idaho, sells alternative cook stoves for outdoor cooking and emergency preparedness. These impressive cook stoves do not use commercially available fossil fuels such as propane, butane, white gas, alcohol or charcoal, instead they use biomass (natural flammables like wood or pine cones) to provide quality-high-power cooking.  The benefit goes beyond money savings to the idea that nature will provide perpetual fuel.  When you only need a hand full of finger width sticks about 18” long to cook a complete meal, that’s fuel economy!  80% of all recipes can be cooked over 4 sticks, but when you need to overcome wind and cold, or boil a large pot fast, you can use up to eight finger width sticks to achieve a blazing 23,900 BTUs.

We also offer backpacking stoves, indoor stoves, solar lighting solutions, emergency power solutions and NuManna Food Storage.

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