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The Si82Hy2ZPTC-120/240Vac-5A is a versatile, closed-loop, microprocessor based, Hybrid, Two-Zone, Proportional Temperature Controller board that can control two independent thermal-zones. By proportional control, we mean that the amount of correction used in the closed-loop is proportional to the difference between the set and measured temperature values. Five PWM duty-cycle values are used depending on the absolute-value of the difference between the set and measured temperature values (|Td|). The duty-cycle is 0% when |Td|=0C; 25% when 0C< |Td|<0.5C; 50% when 0.5C< |Td|<1C; 75% when 1C< |Td|<1.5C; 100% when |Td|>1.5C. Two 120/240Vac, 5A solid-state relays (one for each zone) is used to control the currents in resistive heaters (600W in each zone). A single AC or DC voltage source (9V to 20V rang, unregulated and unfiltered) is required for the control electronics. The onboard microprocessor measures and controls the temperatures, and monitors the user inputs. Two small 9-bit digital thermometers (by Dallas Semi., DS18S20 sensor, connected to ports CN4TS1 and CN5TS2) are used to measure temperatures in the +5C to +102C range, with ? C accuracy. Because each sensor is digital, it is virtually immune to noise and loading; ideally suited for remote sensing. As the name hybrid (Hy) implies the desired set-temperatures are derived from a variable, analog voltages (VP1,G, VP2,G ) while the other control signals are digital. An LCD port (with HITACHI HD44780 Interface Standard) is provided for optional display of Set and Measured Temperatures data in 2 line x 20 character format. Two red LEDs are used to monitor the Heater currents. A small Aluminum plate (3.3?x4.0?x0.065?) is required to operate at 2x600W power level. Typical applications are: Dual Water-Baths, 2-Zone Heat-Pumps, etc. This board can be configured and programmed to perform efficiently in many customized applications. http://signalllc.com/products/Si82Hy2ZPTC.html
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