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The Si24SB4-50V-20A-AP1 is a 50V 20A, microprocessor based, high-power, Smart H-Bridger with a small (4.0?x3.3?x0.062?) Aluminum Plate Heat Sink and with user selectable Soft-Start and Soft-Stop features. This controller uses a single (9V to 50V at 0 to 20A) DC power supply to control the speed of a DC motor (or load-current) in forward or reverse direction. An onboard microprocessor generates a 5kHz or 20kHz PWM carrier signal, controls the load-power (or motor speed), controls the load-current rate (or motor acceleration and deceleration). The PWM carrier frequency is user selectable by the jumper J2, 20kHz when J2 is open and 5kHz when short. This high frequency PWM rate insures a quiet motor environment. The user can choose between slow or fast (Soft Select) motor acceleration/deceleration modes by short-circuiting or open-circuiting the pins labeled J1. The slow mode, with rise-time/fall-time of 1.25Sec, is selected by short-circuit (J1 jumper installed); while the fast buildup mode, with rise-time/fall-time of 0.05s, is selected by leaving these pins open (no Jumper installed).
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