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The Si15NePITC1-HC12B-30V-20A is a 30V, 20A, Networkable, Proportional and Integral (PI) Temperature Controller for 1 Load (used in Heat-only or Cool-only mode but not both modes at the same time). The temperature is measured with a 12-bit digital sensor and proportionally controlled with 0.0625C steps in the -50C to +120C range. A high-power MOSFET is used to drive a single load (valves, TE cells, etc) in the 9V to 30V and 0A to 20A range. ASCII command strings are used to input the required Set-Temperature values. Up to 61 Boards can be interconnected to form a 3-wire Local Area Network, LAN. A serial LCD port is provided to display the set and measured values.
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