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The Si5SD1-50V-20A is a Single, 50V 20A Solenoid Driver with an integrated heat sink that uses a digital control voltage VI1,Gr (0 to 5V) to turn a load-current on or off. This board requires a single 6V to 50V DC power source (unregulated and unfiltered) at a 0A to 20A current range to operate normally with a wide range of inductive loads (coils or Solenoids). The digital control input (I1) is zener-diode protected and requires only 2mA input current (at VI1,G=5V) to turn the load current fully on. The load current is off (zero) when 0< VI1,G<2.5V and the load current is fully on (max.) when 2.5V< VI1,G<5V. Snubbing circuits and filter capacitors are included to suppress inductive switching transients. An onboard LED (red) is used to monitor the load-voltage. A small (2.3?x2.4?x0.45?) finned integrated heat sink is included with mounting hardware (as shown on the photograph) to operate at 20A or 600W power levels.
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