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The Si14HyUdMC1-50V-20A is a single, microprocessor based, Hybrid, Unidirectional, Motor-Controller board that uses pulse-width modulation (PWM) to efficiently control the power flow (or motor speed) to a brush type DC motor, from 0 to 1000W in 8.33W steps. This board requires a single 9V to 50V DC power source (unregulated and unfiltered) at a 0A to 20A current range to operate normally. An onboard microprocessor generates the 20kHz PWM carrier signal, controls the load power (or motor speed), monitors the user inputs and selects the start-delay of the motor. The high-frequency PWM rate provides a smooth motor-speed control, and insures a quiet motor environment. As the name hybrid (Hy) implies, the required motor speed (or PWM pulse-duration) is derived from a variable analog-voltages (VP1,G), while the other control-signals are digital. This analog input is zener-diode protected, includes an integrator with time-constant of 10mSec; and can be used with DC or PWM input voltages. An onboard LED (red) is used to monitor the motor (or load) voltage and an optional, fast-acting 20A Mini-Fuse (with socket) is used for motor/board protection. A small Aluminum plate (3.3"x4.0"x0.065") is required to operate at 500W power levels. Higher power-levels can be achieved with more efficient heat-sinks. An optional 2 line by 20 characters long LCD (with HITACHI HD44780 Interface Standard) is used for Set-RPM and Measured-RPM data display. Typical applications are: DC Motor-Speed Controller with variable start-up delay, Light-Dimmer with variable delay, etc. This board can be configured and programmed to perform efficiently in many other customized applications. http://signalllc.com/products/Si14HyUdMC1-50V.html
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