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The Si15NePITC2-HC12B-30V-2x16A is a 2-Load, 30V, 2x16A, microprocessor based, closed-loop, Networkable, Proportional, Integral 12-Bit, Temperature Controller that heats or cools a thermal-zone. The temperature is measured with a 12-bit digital sensor and proportionally controlled with 0.06250C steps in the -50.0C to +120.0C range. Two high-power MOSFETs are used (one for cooling and a second for heating) to drive two loads (valves, TE cells, etc) each in the 9V to 30V and 0A to 16A range. ASCII command strings are used to input the required Set-Temperature values. Up to 61 Boards can be interconnected to form a 3-wire Local Area Network, LAN. A serial LCD port is provided to display the set and measured values.
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