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The Si30HFHB-50V-30A-ALC is a 50V 30A, microprocessor based, high-power, High-Frequency H-Bridge with active-low control inputs. This board uses a single (12V to 50V at 0 to 30A) DC power supply to control the speed of a DC motor (or load current) in forward or reverse direction. An onboard microprocessor samples the control inputs at 150kHz rate and generates the timing signals for the H-Bridge. The high sampling rate provides a worst-case control latency of 7uS when the bridge is changing current direction or switching on or off. Two active low digital (0 to +5V) control signals (VF,N and VR,N) or switches are used to select the direction of rotation (or Load-Current Direction). These inputs can be Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) from DC to 20kHz carrier rate.
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