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Si5PumpC1-50V-20A is a 30V 20A microprocessor based pump controller with an integrated heat sink that turns the current on or off to a 12V to 24V, 500W DC motor when the proper battery voltage and fluid levels are acquired. At power turn-on, the battery voltage is measured and the motor is turned fully on if the battery voltage is greater than VBH and the fluid level is low (VBH=Threshold Voltage High, user adjustable via. 25Turn Trim-Pot, P1); otherwise the motor current is turned off. Once the motor is running, it will be kept in the ON-state until the battery voltage is reduced below VBL, (VBL=Threshold Voltage Low, user adjustable via. 25Turn Trim-Pot, P2); at this point, the motor turns off. A 5 Sec loop-delay is included to prevent motor chatter. An external, normally-closed or normally-open (user selectable) mechanical float-switch is used to stop the motor rotation whenever the fluid tank is full. This switch is always active and overrides all other control conditions. The threshold voltages VBH and VBL are user adjustable with factory default values of: VBH = 15V and VBL =8V. An onboard LED (red) is used to monitor the load-voltage. The LED is ON when the motor is running; and it is off, when the motor is stopped. A small (2.3?x2.4?x0.45?) finned integrated heat sink is included with mounting hardware (as shown on the photograph) to operate at 20A or 600W power levels.
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