Engraving Options

Text: We accept for engraving all characters present on an English keyboard. We also accept most characters present on a foreign keyboard. We accept special characters such as © and ® or other more common symbols. If you are able to enter the character in the entry field during checkout it will be engraved as such. If you are unable to properly enter the desired character in the entry field during Checkout, please contact us for assistance.

Graphics: We accept for engraving any image that can be converted to black & white lineart. Be advised that some multi colored images do not view well as a black & white image, we will convert to b&w and if there is a question of quality we will submit to you a simulated image for approval before engraving. All images including photographs need to be submitted with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and no smaller than the actual engraved size. We will rework a photograph(ie: remove background, remove portions, or restore an old photograph) if you desire, additional charges may apply. When submitting logos it is best to forward a vector graphic(yourlogo.emf) to us so that we may resize it without losing the integrity of the logo.

Serialized Items: We accept orders for serialized items, whether it be for 10 or 10,000+ pieces. We keep accurate records of serial numbers. If you receive a serialized item damaged in the original shipment from our facility, it will have to be returned to us BEFORE we will reproduce that number. Upon receipt of the item it will be destroyed and that number will be run again. Numbers will not be reproduced under any other circumstances.

Customizations: We will accept customizations on any item you purchase to fit your exacting needs. Please contact us for additional information. Additional charges may be applied depending on the amount of design work required for your customizations.